About us

We are Men in Green - your creative advertising agency for display, video and rich media. We produce tailor-made ads from the nicest office near Amsterdam. With 10+ years of experience in our backpack, we know all too well what clicks and what doesn't. Most importantly, our love for display advertising is growing all the time.

It happens more than once that display campaigns have to be finished yesterday, because they are only discussed later in the process. We can therefore also handle this pressure pixel-perfect.

The best thing about display is creating canvases filled with pixels that pop off your devices. Not only can you convey your message in a very cool way, but you can also increase its relevance to your target audience by adding features, such as interaction or dynamic content.

Ads are becoming more personal and therefore super relevant. There are many types of ads, different formats and the possibilities are endless. In addition, we like to do things slightly differently.

Producing top-notch display ads is our standard, but how we make them is just as important to us. We believe that our way of working determines the end result and this puts a huge smile on your face. Win-win.

Our vision

Display ads, video and rich media are used to enhance offline campaigns, but are also extremely powerful on their own.

We started in 2008 with a clear vision. The display market shows that things can be done differently. What we do is crystal clear, we do display, but this has not always been the case. Over the years the landscape has changed a lot and so have we.

Although we once started building campaign websites, we have always looked at the developments in the market and we have specialized further and further. We do what we think is the most beautiful thing to do, let that be clear, but why we do it and how we do it is just as important. This not only yields knowledge and experience, but also ensures that we can serve you and your users relevant and unique ads.

We are here to show you that things can be done differently. We would like to show you that the way of working determines the quality of a display campaign.

We always look at how we approach things and look non-stop at how we can further optimize processes. Every creation is checked down to the pixel, so that we can always assure you that quality. We also look at how we can further strengthen both the internal and external flow.

We do display, but with a little extra. That extra dash of whipped cream ensures that you and your users can enjoy all the beauty that the display has to offer.

Our team


Jessica Aarbodem

Design Team

Rick ter Beeke

Development Team

Irvin Boer

Project Management

Denise Brokerhof

Design Team

Daan Dalmeijer

Design Team

Abdelmalik el Hannaoui

Development Team

Jaap den Hertog

Design Team

Gideon Nanuru

Design Team

Jeremy Proost

Design Team

David Remmer

Project Management

Britta Vonk

Development Team

Fatih Yilmaz