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During this European Championship, is the store ready for kick-off. Different deals can be found every week during the championship. The European Championship deals ensure that you are ready to go for the optimal experience. Are you ready to score the best deals?

For this European Championship campaign, a lot has been done and we have produced various creatives. From TakeOvers and socials to DV360 Stories Ads and DV360 Collection Ads.


Collection ads and Stories ads

The European Championship campaign is live in both the Netherlands and Belgium. The best deals can therefore be scored for Orange Lions and Red Devils. For this campaign we used our own DV360 templates. The Collection Ad and Stories Ad run via Ad Canvas, which we tell more about in a previous article.

Collection ads and Stories ads are often seen on social media and are highly recommended for awareness campaigns like this one. We have built three rich media templates that are inspired by social formats, namely Collection Ad, Carousel Ad and Stories Ad.

These rich media creatives ensure that previously produced social assets can be reused. This saves time and costs. So win-win. This makes it possible to use the Collection Ad and Stories Ad in this campaign as an online shop window for all European Championship deals. Users can discover these by tapping and swiping. Various deals have been selected for each week. The deals that are shown depend on the country in which the user is located.

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