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EC campaigns: Our display ads selection

This promises to be a beautiful summer. The relaxation is a fact and the long-awaited kick-off of the European Championship is finally here. All European Championship campaigns were also presented at the same time.

The big football spectacle started on 11 June. The orange gadgets and campaigns are unstoppable. The European Championships have been waiting for a year and as icing on the cake, the orange lions have managed to qualify this time. Double party!

It's sure to be fun – whatever team you're cheering for. To celebrate this, we put the coolest European Championship campaigns in the spotlight. For example, we went big together with, Staatsloterij and New York Pizza. Curious about our European Championship selection? European Championship campaign

Don't miss a single attack and spot your favorite players in razor-sharp image. Give an ice-cold round from the kitchen and experience the match like a true VIP in the stadium, but in your own backyard. How? is ready for kick-off and has selected the sharpest European Championship deals. Both the orange supporters and the Belgian fans can go big this year. The campaigns are still in full swing, so we can't reveal too much just yet.

This European Championship campaign is a blast: Takeovers, Social Videos, DV360 Stories Ad, DV360 Collection Ad, Interscrollers, Mobile Skins, Superheaders and many more. The confetti is flying around your ears.

State lottery European Championship campaign

It could happen this summer. Grab the main prize at the European Championship and have a chance to win one of the many Orange prizes. The anticipation starts just before the start of the championship. The jackpot is set at 7.5 million.

A spectacular European Championship campaign is part of a major event. Of course you don't have to tell us that twice. For Staatsloterij, we immersed ourselves in the orange feeling.

During the campaign you will see all kinds of things. Display ads, Socials, APTOs, Swipecubes, Interscrollers, Headers and Conversational Ads. Experience yourself?

New York Pizza Deals

It's Friday evening, June 11. Finally the time has come. In one hand you have a fresh snack and now you are looking for a tasty snack. The answer is: Pizza! Friday night pizza party is always a good idea. 

For New York Pizza we have produced finger-licking ads. Have you seen them pass by yet?

To score!

We have already warmed up a lot for the European Championship. Will we be able to peak at '88? The campaigns are in full swing and now it's the players' turn. Enjoy!

We are here for all your Orange creatives, but of course also for all your other campaigns. Do you have a question or would you like to spar together? Call, email or submit a callback request.

FYI: Our office in Hilversum is undergoing a total makeover as we speak. As soon as the weather is allowed, you are also welcome at the office.

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