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New York Pizza

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New York Pizza

New York Pizza regularly comes with fantastic, new pizza and great deals. Throughout the year we help them to promote these delicious news through unique expressions. From full blown homepage takeovers to slick HTML5 banners.

During the productions, we actively interact with the media agency to coordinate the elaborations. This collaboration ultimately ensures the highest quality for the best price.


We produce these HTML5 banners completely in line with the national campaigns. They connect with social, TV and Out-of-Home. In many cases we also make a homepage takeover to make even more impact.

HomePage TakeOver

Nothing has more impact than a homepage takeover. These expressions are just like the New York Pizza dough, made super flavorful and perfect in any size. Each campaign gets its own flavor, it's none one-size fits all. Do you want to see that perfection? Open a takeover and scale your browser in the strangest formats. See how these takeovers come into their own on each resolution.

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