It is important for advertisers and marketers to be aware of the latest trends and developments in display advertising. The market continues to evolve, making ads more sophisticated and intelligent.

Ad relevance and high-quality ads are more essential than ever. In addition, the user experience is further optimized by the arrival of, among other things Google Heavy Ad Intervention. This display evolution fits in seamlessly with how we prefer to see the market - with next level display banners, where quality is key. What does the display market look like and how do they contribute to your online performance? Check it out below.

Display Advertising Formats

You can vary endlessly with the content of display ads. For example, it is possible to integrate video, add dynamic and interactive features and you can test which formats perform best. It is good to know which display ad formats there are and which features you can add to make them even smarter.

IAB Banner Set

There are various display advertising formats, each of which has its strength. The most famous are the IAB banner sets that we also call regular banners. The sizes vary from rectangles (300 × 250) to billboards (970 × 250). We call them regular because these are the most common formats in the digital landscape. Other than that, there is nothing ordinary about it. You can fill in the canvases in the most creative and colorful ways.

The sets are suitable for all devices, including mobile. So very versatile. The most common HTML5 banners are:


  • Billboard (970 × 250)
  • Full Banner (468 × 60)
  • Half Page (300 × 600)
  • Large Rectangle (336 × 280)
  • Leaderboard (728 × 90)
  • Medium Rectangle (300 × 250)
  • Skyscraper (120 × 600)
  • Wide Skyscraper (160 × 600)


  • Large Mobile Banner (320 × 100)
  • Medium Rectangle (300 × 250)
  • Mobile Half Page (320 × 240)
  • Mobile Interstitial (320 × 480)
  • Mobile Leaderboard (320 × 50)
  • Small Square (200 × 200)
  • Square (250 × 250)

Regular banners are highly recommended. You can put your creativity in it without limit and incorporate cool features into it. There are so many ways to serve ads that match your brand. In addition, high quality banners stand out compared to the competition.

You can also choose to let users experience a full (full screen) experience. For example, via Homepage TakeOvers (HPTOs), Interscrollers or Swipecubes… Rich media ads are to experience and discover. They can be of great benefit to both your users and your brand. Curious about rich media ads?

Dynamic Display Advertising

Dynamic advertising is a super relevant and cool feature that you can integrate into your online campaigns. Banners adapt automatically based on behavior, demographic characteristics and location. The content comes from a feed, in which different visuals, landing pages and copy are loaded.

Dynamic Ads are perfect for your Data Driven Campaigns. The dynamic content within your Ads makes it easy to find the perfect variation for your users. Do you have some last minute adjustments or do you want to add new products? That is super easy and, above all, adjustments are made immediately.

A good example of this technique are the creatives we make for Rituals. Through their dynamic setup they can run one campaign for the whole world.

Interactive Display Ads

Interactive Banners adds interactive elements such as a game, a quiz or the option to swipe, tap or scroll. There are many possibilities and each feature makes your display ads even more fun. Of course, the most important thing is to stimulate interaction between users and your banners.

The engagement often shoots up further when you choose gamified ads. Users like a challenge and are generally very competitive.

For this reason, this format is well received. On the one hand, individuals are rewarded for their performance when they complete the game, and on the other, they are more likely to visit the landing page to learn more about your product or brand.

Perhaps the best-known form of a creative with extra interaction is the swipe cube. In this format you can view all the different content by swiping. See a few nice examples below.

We know all platforms

The ad spend has risen sharply in 2020, making it even more valuable for brands to distinguish yourself with unique ads. For the traffic of ads, there is an ever-increasing range of platforms that you can go to. We make all our communications in such a way that they can be delivered for any platform. Of course, the best-known platforms are from Google, such as Display & Video 360 or Google Ads. But we are also not averse to other platforms, such as Xandr, Platform161, Celtra or LemonPi.

Display Advertising Trends

Display ads are in full development and this trend will continue. The current market demands personalized ads that are easy to consume and, above all, that connect with users. Since the corona crisis, e-commerce has been running at full speed and many trends are continuing.


Video ads are a big favorite because mobile use has also increased significantly. You can use video via various platforms, but also in all ad formats. Display ads, mobile and video are an absolute golden combination.

Video conveys messages easily and can also be integrated campaign-wide. With video advertising you can grab attention, hold it and convey a powerful message in a reasonably short amount of time. As a result, users are more likely to be triggered to take action.

Video can also be perfectly combined with interaction, for example via Shoppable videos. Products can be purchased directly from visuals / videos by placing a popup button that leads users directly to product pages.


Mobile is bigger than ever and this will only increase. Worldwide we are spending more and more time on our mobile devices. When we are simply browsing or shopping and looking for entertainment - mobile first!

For this reason, mobile has an unwise influence in the digital advertising landscape. Mobile-first advertising is really huge. In addition, social ads are increasingly being used. Vertical videos stimulate engagement and users often take immediate action. You can also combine mobile with games. Ideal to promote your brand or products.

Personalized ads

Ads are able to get to know consumers better and better based on search behavior, which purchases they make and when they interact with display ads. This allows you to further optimize the user experience, making ads more relevant and actually contributing to a better experience.

Users are also more willing to convert when they are served personalized ads. Often the displayed ad is much better suited to what they are looking for. Dynamic advertising will continue to grow and brands can reap the benefits.


IAB Banners, Dynamic Content Ads, Interactive Ads

Rich Media

Video Ads, HPTOs, Interscrollers


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