Rich Media

Rich media advertising is a gem in the display market. You can fill in the creatives in all kinds of ways and they are incredibly flexible. After interaction, they can float, collapse and expand or appear as a pop-up.

Rich media ads are known for stimulating interaction with users and their great impact. They immediately attract attention and therefore increase awareness. Rich media ads are scalable and easy to measure.

Draw attention

Impact is an important reason for choosing rich media ads. The most popular formats are ads, such as Takeovers (HPTOs, APTOs),
Video Billboards, Swipecubes, Mobile Portraits, Superheaders, Interstitials and much more.


Homepage Takeovers literally take over a page. At that moment you will be visible in both the skins and the header. They stand out and therefore the click-through rate is also a lot higher.

Swipe cubes

Swipe cubes are interactive ads in the shape of a cube. Users can see the different slides while swiping. The slides are initially shown automatically, so that the content is displayed immediately. Users are triggered earlier as a result.

Video ads

Video is one of the main reasons for using rich media. A video attracts more attention than an animation and offers more feeling in image and sound. Video ads come in all shapes and sizes, video works great for mobile as well.

Super headers

It's huuuge! Super headers take the width of the page on which they are served. Users really cannot ignore that.


Interscrollers are served when users are scrolling on a mobile device. The ads are placed between the content, so that the ad fits well with the page.


IAB Banners, Dynamic Content Ads, Interactive Ads

Rich Media

Video Ads, HPTOs, Interscrollers


Advergames, Interactive HPTOs, 3D Ads


Social and Digital Out-of-Home