The Specials are the expressions that you do not see every day. They are usually used during large-scale awareness campaigns. These ads are designed to attract attention with unique interactions and materials.

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Sometimes there are expressions that cannot be classified under one category. They are more than just an interactive banner, more than a rich media message and more than an HPTO. The main types of specials are the Interactive HPTO, Advergames, 3D Ads and Dynamic Video.

Interactive HPTO

The great thing about a Homepage Takeover (HPTO) is that your brand gets all the attention. Visitors see you in the header and skins, you practically take over the entire site. By adding interactive elements you serve a great high-impact experience.


An advergame is a very strong ad format to stimulate engagement. Gamified banners differ from other formats in that users actually have to make an active contribution. The combination of ads and games ensures that users are actively engaged with your brand or product and provides higher brand awareness.

3D Ads

The display advertising market is shifting and changing continuously. For example, the development around 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming increasingly advanced. Every day a lot of ads are served. The challenge for brands is therefore mainly in attracting users and adding unique features.

Active user participation is required for 3D and AR ads. Augmented Reality and 3D creatives not only look cool, they literally add more dimension. This allows you to introduce users to your product in a different way and stimulate even more engagement. You can also use 3D banners as a showcase of your product. There is interaction while swiping and tapping.

Dynamic Video

Personalized ads are gaining ground and that is a great development. Serving personalized ads increases relevance and this has a positive impact on your ROI. In addition, the implementation of video display campaigns is also a valuable addition.

Today's display market is filled with personalized ads that are targeted and curated based on needs and interests. Combining dynamic ads with video is therefore a big favorite. With YouTube Director Mix you create impactful creatives and take your online campaigns to the next level.


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