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Albert Heijn – Summer ’23

By October 11, 2023October 13th, 2023No Comments

Albert Heijn

Summer '23

We have been quite busy for the Netherlands’ favorite supermarket, Albert Heijn, this summer. From dynamic ads to interactive banners and homepage takeovers. From the Albert Heijn – Disney sticker collection book to “Terra”, the new vegetable product offering.


Who doesn’t love green?! The AH Terra brand line contains plant-based dairy products for coffee, spreads such as vegetable spreads, plant-based cheese, all plant-based meat substitutes, and even plant-based shrimp! This means there is really something to choose from for every meal time. To launch this awesome brand line with a bang, we produced this high-impact takeover.

Banner Ads

Peanutbutter, coffee, apple pie… Sounds like breakfast! To showcase Albert Heijn’s weekly discounts, we produce banners in several formats, like rectangles, halfpage ads and mobile versions.


Disney. Stickers. Disney and stickerrssss. A perfect combination. Let’s collect them all! To promote the AH Disney Stickerbook, we produced this interactive homepage takeover.