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G-Star RAW – Hardcore Denim

By April 8, 2023April 8th, 2024No Comments

G-Star RAW

Hardcore Denim

Snoop Dogg teamed up with G-Star RAW for a unique and lively campaign called “Say It Witcha Booty.” This campaign was a creative and humorous celebration of denim, highlighting the brand’s Hardcore Denim collection. We produced the online ads within this campaign, including social assets, cutdowns and video banner ads.

Edits 'n Cutdowns

To make sure that Snoops’ clip was visible on all devices and platforms, we did the edits and cutdowns for special formats and social platforms.

Banner Ads

Video banner ads are a dynamic and engaging way to capture the attention of viewers in an increasingly cluttered digital landscape. These kind of ads ads bring a story to life through motion, sound, and visual storytelling. Fo shizzle!