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Het Concertgebouw – Zomerconcerten

By July 5, 2024No Comments

Het Concertgebouw

Zomerconcerten 2024

The Royal Concertgebouw, with it’s superb acoustics among the worlds finest sounding concerthalls (source) has been home to some of the world’s greatest musicians. Every year Het Concertgebouw hosts Zomerconcerten (summer concerts) featuring everything artists and musicians in all shapes and sizes, from solo cellists to orchestra’s and choirs. The choice is endless!


The signature visual element of Het Concertgebouw, de ‘lier’ (lyre) provides a striking image, with it featured both right side up and upside down for contrast and to create a dynamic image. Moving countdowns, plus the colours of the Zomerconcerten yellow and red, provide a visually stimulating mix. Or to put it in baby terms; Woo! Shapes and colours!

Dynamic Banner Ads

Here’s another cool thing about this campaign, you might like something completely different than we do! (We listen to a varying mix of Techno, House, R&B, Tibetan throatsinging (no joke) and jazz, give our Spotify playlist a listen!) So to solve that problem, we created a dynamic bannerset where the right concerts can be shown to the viewer at the right time and the right place! No use seeing an ad for last week’s concert!