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Rituals – Advent

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Advent 2023

Traditionally Advent is a way of heralding the countdown to Christmas. Rituals’ take on this tradition is brought to life by the exclusive Advent calendars. Opening a new door or window each day, perfectly captures that magical anticipation, and can apply to many holidays during this time of year. We were responsible for the production of the large scale online campaign, including banner ads, rich media and social assets.

Interactive HPTO

You can’t ignore this high impact homepage takeover for Rituals Advent in which we implemented the campaign video and an interactive element. Iin this element users were able to scroll through the different Advent Calendars.

Banner Ads

To ensure a very wide reach and high visibility during the campaign period, we created multiple variations of animated banner ads. The display campaign was widely spread among different European countries, in various versions and languages.